Euro 2016 analytics: Who’s playing the toughest game?

Euro 2016 analytics: Who’s playing the toughest game?

I am really enjoying Uefa Euro 2016 Footbal Competition, even because our national team has done pretty well so far. That’s why after  browsing for a while statistics section of official EURO 2016 website I decided to do some analysis on the data they share ( as at the 21th of June).

Just to be clear from the beginning: we are not talking of anything too rigourus, but just about some interesting questions with related answers gathered mainly through data visualisation.

We can divide following analyses into two main parts: a first part were we analyse distribution of fouls and their incidence on matches outcome and a second part where ball possession in analysed, once again looking at relationship between this stat and matches outcome. Let’s start with fouls then.

which team committed the  greatest number of fouls?

Here we are with the first question. And here it is the answer:


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