I was crafting this checklist for my personal use, and then I found myself thinking: why should’nt I share this useful handful of bullets with my readers? So here we are, find below an useful checklist for your weekly review. The checklist is derived directly from the official GTD book by our great friend David Allen. The greatest quality of the checklist is the minimalist approach: just what you really need to read is written within each point, so that you get through your review as quick as possible. Enjoy!

Weekly Review Checklist for GTD

  • look for sleeping actions within SMS, mail, backpack, notes and whatever. collect everything into your inbox.

  • look for previous and next weeks within your calendar, any sleeping action out there?

  • process your just-feeded inbox, get it empty!

  • check all actions you completed during past week and you didn’t checked off because you were, as usual, in a rush

  • look at your waiting for list: any one to followup?

  • look at your active projects: is there at least one next action in the proper list for each one of them?

  • look at your someday/maybe list: had come the time to embrace any parked project/action?

I personally use this checklist every Saturday morning and we can therefore give it for tested, nevertheless I am here to listen to every suggestion of improvement. You can download here below a PDF version of the checklist for your convenience.

download a free PDF version


6 thoughts on “a Checklist for your weekly review (GTD methodology)

  1. A;I notice you work in app dev as well, I’ve been struggling with build or buy. I have tried so many productivity management systems and many come close. However, I have a team of engineers at my disposal, an extremely clear vision of what I want, and well after years of licenses, service fees, etc. I’m wondering if I should bite the bullet get EXACTLY what I want, and then maintain it myself. What do you use, and have you considered architecting your own system?

    1. At the moment, after trying quite a bit of software solutions I am going for Doit, since it is developed specifically for gtd and enough flexible. That said if it is feasible for you I would definitely try to implement your own version, and if it works fine, You could even try to commercialise it 😊.

  2. Nice job,I personally provide the following reviews in my workflow:
    1. Morning
    2. Afternoon
    3. Evening
    4. Weekly
    5. Monthly.

    The monthly is self-derived as I run a bunch of daily and weekly scorecards for myself. Then , at the end of the month I funnel it to the ol’ Stop Doing, D\Continue Doing, Start Doing (and act)

    1. Than you for commenting, and really thank you for sharing your routine. I am quite interested about the scorecards you mentioned: could you be so kind to share with us some more details on that?
      Thank you once again!

      1. Absolutely. I’ll spell out my scorecard this week in a post. My little blog is new but I have a lot to say. The scorecard is great because I get a candid view of what I need to improve on as well as continue doing. The tools I use are free as well. I’ve recently added this to my weekly review so I know have trending to analyze. I’ll reach out once I’ve posted my workflow for this. Thanks.

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