How to use Github with Rstudio : step-by-step tutorial

How to use Github with Rstudio : step-by-step tutorial

Pushing to my Github repository directly from the Rstudio project, avoiding that annoying “copy & paste” job. Since it is one of Best Practices for Scientific Computing, I have been struggling for a while with this problem.  Now that I managed to solve the problem, I think you may find useful the detailed tutorial that follows. I am not going to explain you the reason why you should use Github with your  Rstudio project, but if you are asking this to yourself, you may find useful a Stack Overflow discussion on the topic.

0. download last git version

you can download the last git version from Git website git logo

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Network Visualisation With R

Network Visualisation With R

The main reason why

After all, I am still an Internal Auditor. Therefore I often face one of the typical internal auditors problems: understand links between people and companies, in order to discover the existence of hidden communities that could expose the company to unknown risks.

the solution: linker

In order to address this problem I am developing Linker, a lean shiny app that take 1 to 1 links as an input and gives as output a network map:
the Linker
click the picture to reach the app

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