download data to excel from web

download data to excel from web

This simple tutorial will show you how to download data into an excel spreadsheet, creating a web query.

Download data into excel

select “data” tab

download data in excel


select “from web”

 from web selection


input the desidered web URL

input web URL

click “go” button

go button click

select data you want to download

data selection

click “import” button

import button click

Refresh downloaded data


select “data” tab

Image [9]

select “connections”

dowload data into excel

select your connection

connection selection

click “refresh” button

download data into excel



excel right() function in R

as part of the excel functions in R, I have developed this custom function, reproducing the excel right() function in th R language. Feel free to copy and use it.

right = function (string, char){

you can find other function in the Excel functions in R post.

excel left() function in R

as part of the excel functions in R, I have developed this custom function, emulating the excel left() function in th R language. Feel free to copy and use it.

left = function (string,char){


you can find other function in the Excel functions in R post.

excel functions in R

excel functions in R
I have started my “data-journey” from Excel, getting excited by formulas like VLookup(), right() and left().
then datasets got bigger, and I discovered that little spreadsheets were not enough, and look for something bigger and stronger, eventually coming to R.
So, for fun and for practice, I have written down some of excel functions in R.
I hope you will enjoy.

Excel Functions in R:

  • find()
  • vlookup()

Data Visual 10/21: Plotly


Plotly is a powerful data analysis tool, that can integrate data from a lot of outside languages and resources.

Here are the ones that are included:

Python MATLAB R Julia node.js Arduino

From Plotly:

Easily make graphs with your data in the workspace. Import data from Google Drive or upload Excel or text files. You can apply fits, stats, and functions to your data.

Every element of a Plotly graph is customizable. Change the colors, annotate, write LaTeX, toggle graph ticks, and much more. It’s up to you!

I used it for a couple projects that I then embedded on a website for public use. This is where my usage of WordPress gets me, I could embed the graph here but I am sacrificing the functional full use of the code on a regular website for the social, but restricted use of a WordPress site. Here is a flat image of…

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Learn dplyr with RStudio and Datacamp

RStudio Blog


RStudio has teamed up with Datacamp to create a new, interactive way to learn dplyr. Dplyr is an R package that provides a fast, intuitive way to transform data sets with R. It introduces five functions, optimized in C++, that can handle ~90% of data manipulation tasks. These functions are lightning fast, which lets you accomplish more things—with more data—than you could otherwise. They are also designed to be intuitive and easy to learn, which makes R more user friendly. But this is just the beginning. Dplyr also automates groupwise operations in R, provides a standard syntax for accessing and manipulating database data with R, and much more.

In the course, you will learn how to use dplyr to

  • select() variables and filter() observations from your data in a targeted way
  • arrange() observations within your data set by value
  • derive new variables from your data with mutate()
  • create summary statistics with

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